James Iry



James Iry is [a] highly skilled functional programming guru who has a magic touch when it comes to explaining complex Scala concepts to anyone.
David Pollak, Beginning Scala, Apress 2009

Don't let David's compliment pigeon hole me. I'm an experienced executive level manager, object oriented programmer, compiler implementer, and C hacker. I've done a lot, enjoyed most of it, and am always up for the next challenge.

Also, sadly, I've managed to Google bomb myself with the phrase "mostly wrong."


6/18 - present

Stripe - Engineering Manager

Stripe is an online fintech company focusing on payments processing around the world.

  • Lead the engineering scrum teams responsible for Scala developer productivity, Ruby application infrastructure, and gradual static typing of Ruby.
  • Lead a fortnightly discussion group for engineering managers to learn from each other, teach each other, and build relationships.
  • Mentored engineering managers, technical project managers, and engineers.
1/17 - 3/18

Earnest - Director of Engineering

Earnest is an online fintech company focusing on student loan refinancing, personal loans, and home mortages. In late 2017 Earnest was acquired by Navient, a public company focused on servicing student loans.

  • Lead the engineering scrum teams responsible for mobile native, growth marketing, loan application, loan underwriting, and home refinancing.
  • Revised and created policies used across the engineering organization.
  • Mentored technical project managers, lead engineers, engineering managers, and product managers in ways to develop more effective teams.
  • Founded and facilitated a cross team architecture council.
  • Built a prototype pdf statement OCR and parsing tool to perform analysis of competitor underwriting practices.
  • Lead the drafting of technical due dilligence documentation that helped lead to the acquisition of Earnest.
3/15 - 12/16

Loyal3 - Director then Vice President of Engineering

Loyal3 was an online fintech company that offered companies marketing, loyalty, and rewards programs in the form of stock and IPOs.

  • Set technical direction and goals across all software development teams.
  • Sat on executive team to set strategic goals.
  • Lead the effort to develop a new product allowing companies to reward loyal customers with stock. Launched for T-Mobile as the initial client.
  • Managed a multi-person year integration with third party that became the system of record for broker/dealer operations.
  • Implemented kanban based work process management.
  • Wrote the code for a time based one time password (TOTP) two factor authentication microservice.
2/14 - 1/15

Concurrent - Director of Engineering

Concurrent maintained and provided commercial software/services around Cascading, a big data API for Hadoop MapReduce.

  • Led the open source half of the engineering team.
  • Built an association rules machine learning library for Cascading.
  • Wrote a Cascading extension point to orchestrate Spark jobs.
  • Co-authored a recursive regular expression library for Cascading based on Grok.
11/12 - 12/13

Typesafe - Compiler Hacker

Typesafe, now Lightbend, maintains and offers commercial support and software around Scala.

  • Worked on the scalac compiler and standard library for the Scala programming language.
  • Created an abstract interpretation based optimization that shrank bytecode by 3% by eliminating unnecessary branches.
  • Built an alternative mechanism for expanding lambdas that resulted in 5% faster compiler performance and 15% smaller bytecode.
11/09 - 11/12

Salesforce.com - Lead Member of Technical Staff

Salesforce is SAAS offering sales management and CRM tools.

  • Worked on the the compiler for the Apex programming language. Improved code output from backend and wrote a complete error recovering parser for the front end.
  • Led a team focused on developing management and infrastructure for large scale production systems.
  • Wrote JDWPProxy, a filtering proxy for the Java Debugging Wire Protocol allowing relatively safe debugging of production systems.
  • Created HTTPLogging, a Scala based system for capturing, viewing, and downloading entire HTTP request/response cycles from production systems plus editing and replaying requests.
  • Developed a high performance globablly unique id system to trace the effects of a single request across threads, processes, and systems.
  • Created a performance measurement infrastructure for automated benchmark tests.
  • Diagnosed and solved problems related to memory management and performance in existing code.
4/04 - 11/09

Independent Consultant

  • Clients included Qualistics, Inc., Virtual Assistance Lab, and Cubic Transportation Systems.
  • Implemented caching to reduce response time and improve per server load at Qualistics.
  • Consulted with the management of Qualistics to improve technical processes and hire personnel.
  • Led and mentored a team in integrating agile methods in an environment that previously gave virtually no visibility into its process.
  • Created and managed a quality assurance process which had previously relied on ad-hoc testing.
  • Designed and taught a 3 day course on the Hibernate Object Relational Mapping (ORM) framework.
  • Introduced and implemented AJAX techniques for two clients, garnering high usability marks from their users.
  • Introduced and implemented the use of aspect oriented programming (AOP) and other techniquest to substantially reduce boilerplate in Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE/JEE) code bases. One application shrank by a measured 15%.
5/03 - 4/04

Momentum Software - Director of Software Development

Momentum Software was a software development consulting business.

  • Implemented a Java based COBOL parser and code generator for creating Java and C++ to provide higher throughput between Java front ends and COBOL backends.
  • Created a high performance messaging processing system for an automotive parts distributor.
  • Provided product management for a commercial application called OpenStorm - a BPEL authoring environment and runtime engine.
  • Oversaw team selection, project progress, and key architectural decisions for several high profile clients including the U.S. Navy.
  • Worked as a sales engineer in meetings with prospective clients and wrote proposals for attracting large clients including Harcourt.
  • Created a multi-million dollar bid for the state of Texas.
  • Hired, mentored and managed consultants in their career.
1/03 - 5/03

Independent Consultant

  • Consulted to Blue Current, an outsourced asset management company.
  • Implemented prototype system to image applications onto Pocket PC and Palm devices.
  • Designed a strategic plan for integrating two of Blue Current's most critical software systems.
  • Created a strategic and tactical plan for integrating mobile hand held devices into their service offerings.
2/01 - 1/03

SmartPrice.com - Director of Engineering

SmartPrice was an online telcommunications price comparison and shopping service.

  • Implemented key software pieces including a Microsoft IIS filter written in C++ and ATL, a system for providing two different versions of the site to allow marketing to measure improvements in customer conversion, and a high throughput asynchronous logging and messaging system.
  • Created and managed a $1M annual budget overseeing IT and software development.
  • Worked with the CEO and the board of directors to establish strategic priorities.
  • Co-inventor on patent application: "System and Method for Automated Authorization for Service Provider Switching" ( U.S. Patent Application No. 10/209,074).
  • Designed and led several critical improvements to systems capabilities including a data warehouse, a system for comparison testing of multiple simultaneous UI designs, and a system for automated and semi-automated management of email responses.
  • Hired, managed and mentored a team consisting of project management, software engineers, QA personnel, and systems administrators.
  • Gathered and prioritized requirements from across the company's departments.
7/99 - 2/01

Momentum Software - Principle Software Engineer then Director of Technical Services

Momentum Software was a software development consulting business.

  • Lead the SmartPrice.com project to completion on time and under budget with high customer satisfaction.
  • Acted as a lead developer on a multi-million dollar distributed point of sale application using Java JEE/J2EE.
  • Added Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) to the company's offered services by creating and teaching a 4 day internal training course.
  • Named to Austin Community College Downtown Technology Center advisory board.
  • Acted as a panelist for an Austin Software Council discussion entitled "Major Hype, Major Breakthroughs in 2001: What Will the Rags Say in Their Year-End Retrospective" for 200 attendees.
  • Gave a presentation to the first Austin BEA Users Conference entitled "To EJB or Not To EJB: Decision factors on the use of Enterprise Java Beans" to 50 attendees.
  • Gave a guest lecture at the University of Texas (Austin) entitled "Distributed Components: A survey of technologies and techniques" to 60 students.
  • Oversaw team selection, project progress, and key architectural decisions for several high profile clients.
  • Worked as a sales engineer in meetings with prospective clients and wrote proposals for attracting prospects.
  • Hired, mentored and managed consultants in their careers.
4/99 - 7/99

Garden.com - Lead Software Developer

  • Acted as lead developer on a Java JEE/J2EE project to improve distributed supply chain management.
8/98 - 3/99

CyberPlus - Lead Software Developer

CyberPlus was a startup creating electronic patient records systems for the medical industry

  • Acted as a lead developer on "HealthBridge", a commercial patient charting application, to create a distributed business logic tier providing core services in Java JEE/J2EE and integrating to a legacy CORBA system.
6/96 - 8/98

Productive Data Solutions - Lead Software Developer

Productive Data Solutions was a software consulting business.

  • Acted as a lead developer on several projects, including a multi-million dollar automated coupon processing system using Visual Basic and C++.
8/94 - 6/96

Aware Technologies and DATAMARK - Lead Software Developer

Aware Technologies produced data entry software for DATAMARK.

  • Acted as lead developer on "Keying on Image", a in-house and shrink-wrap tool written in C++ for generating image processing and data entry software.
  • Created a over-the-network software authorization scheme based on smartcards.
1/91 - 8/94

Independent Consultant

  • Contracted to several clients including acting as developer on a hypertext system for doing ICD-9 processing in a medical system.



BS Computer Science University of Texas El Paso

Undergraduate CS degree with a focus on robotics and formal language processing.